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Youth Programs


Program related

You will shadow our resident physicians and observe their interactions with patients. You will also attend surgeries to become familiar with cutting-edge medical technologies. Ashram has all departments except cardiology and is outfitted with most advanced equipment in oncology and treatment. However short your time at the Ashram will be, you will learn a lot from the doctors, patients and especially the staff about the routine operations, and angst & pangs of this noble profession. The Ashram also organizes mobile clinics and blood banks to nearby villages and being a part of such initiatives, you will certainly expand your horizons, and will give you a first hand view of rural life and medical challenges.

While most patients come from rural areas, the Ashram itself is a bit isolated from the surrounding villages. You will however be a part of the Ashram’s own culture, rather than the rural culture, which is to say that you will learn the values of living a simple and selfless life. During our mobile clinics, you may come across some typical rural villages that may give you a glimpse of their unique culture & heritage. We also arrange a trip to a nearby village, Ganeshpura, where you can meet rural people and see their simple dwellings and basic life style.

Yes. In fact you are encouraged to write an article about your stay at Muni Seva Ashram. If you place any material on any social media like YouTube, Facebook, a blog,Twitter etc., kindly seek permission of the camp coordinator.


Camp fees include everything at the Ashram except shuttle transport to Vadodara and store purchases at canteen and the Ashram store. Student is responsible to make arrangements for the arrival and departure. Please let us know if you require assistance.

You will stay in an air conditioned room at Atithi. You will share a bed with another camper of the same sex. The room has everything including bed linen, towel & soap. There is limited Internet and Wifi availability from the office area. Through a local PBX, there are phones all over the Ashram, including Atithi rooms. Hot water is available in the morning. Food is simple Gujarati food - Daal, Bhat, Shak, Rotli, kachumber, yogurt, milk etc. There also is a canteen in the hospital which serves a la carte south Indian food. There is a store on Ashram premises that serves items baked at the Ashram bakery and other commercial stuff like soap and toothpaste. There is a shuttle service between Vadodara and Ashram and runs 3 times a day. The nominal charge is Rs.25 each way.

Ashram water is treated to western standards. It is tested each month. Most ashram residents drink tap water. Students can purchase bottled water from Ashram store is they so desire.


We request you to get tourist visa for your trip to India.

Please follow universal precautions to protect yourself especially against malaria, heat-stroke, and food-borne diseases. Please visit website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further details. Please discuss with your physician about the appropriate vaccinations.

While the camp fee covers your lodging and boarding at the Muni Seva Ashram, you may want to carry enough Indian currency based on your plan for shopping, personal expenses, additional transportation and excursions. You can convert your foreign currency at the airport or in Baroda city.

If you are coming in monsoon, expect rain. Weather will be warm and humid. Average temperature is between 78°F to 90°F, but can shoot upto 105°F if there is no rain. 80% humidity can be expected. It is bearable under shade. Mornings and evenings are best to go outdoors. You should not stay under afternoon sun for more than 20-30 minutes. You should drink plenty of water.

If you are coming in winter, expect dry and mild weather. It is between 60°F to 85°F, but as low as 50°F with 60% humidity.

It is necessary that the student abides by the institutional norms, rules and regulations & be in tune with the ethos & culture of the organization i.e. high moral standard, respectful behavior with staff & patients, decent dress code as per local culture and no use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or spitting.

Loose, cotton clothes, up to knee-length are acceptable. E.g. pants and half-sleeve shirts or T-shirts. Sandals and flip-flops are acceptable. You are expected to remove your footwear in the guest dining hall, temple and certain other areas. Your Camp director will guide you as necessary.

Muni Seva Ashram is located away from any major metro city and surrounded by villages, and a self-contained gated campus is fairly safe. However, Student should keep the valuables including money and passport safely. MSA will not be responsible for any unfortunate event of loss of such valuables.

Please request permission from your Camp Director if you need to leave or plan to be out of MSA.

Some of the items to consider are Insect Repellant, Sun Screen, Umbrellas, caps, ponchos, sandals, electrical adaptor, connectors, favorite food stock and a laptop (for making reports).