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Atithi Mandir

Nestled in the lap of nature, Muni Seva Ashram lies on the banks of river Dev between Waghodia and Goraj. It is a small ecosystem, a small world within this larger world. It is situated ~40 km from the busy life of Vadodara - just about the right distance to escape from the ever-expanding boundaries of Baroda. A beautiful wavy road surrounded by trees on both sides will take you from Waghodia to MSA. It will be your first hint of the natural beauty you will see at MSA. You will experience the peace and calm of a small rural area along with the facilities of a state-of-the-art township.

A visit to MSA, however short, will be a life-changing experience. You shall see love and kindness towards unknown people, you will experience respect for nature and you will come out with a feeling of fulfilment! MSA exudes such positive vibrations that you would cherish your visit for the rest of your life.

In a three-hour visit to Muni Seva Ashram, you can get a tour of:

  • Kailash Cancer Hospital & Research Centre where patients are treated with love and compassion at a cost that is affordable to them and in an environment that is soothing and beneficial to recovery
  • Vanprastha Mandir, where the elderly live in peace cherishing the fulfilment of their lives
  • Bhagini Mandir, the home for mentally challenged women who find happiness through participating in various activities and by doing what they can.
  • Parivar Mandir, the home of abandoned girls where they blossom as a member of this large MSA family and are taken care of for their lives
  • Bal Mandir (day-care centre), a centre where mothers can leave their tiny-tots to go make ends meet for their family without any worry for the little ones
  • Gaushala (Cow sheds), a home for irresistible Gir cows who with the innocence in their eyes can make you realize that they are friendlier than dogs, every cow here wants a pat from you!
  • Vocational Training Centre where the rural youth are trained so that they become contributing members of society while making a living for themselves
  • Muni Seva Ashram Main Campus (includes the guest house, other old-age homes, nursing college, Anuben's samadhi, riverbank, hostels, kitchens, etc.)

In a four-hour visit to Muni Seva Ashram, you can also get a tour of:

  • Sharda Mandir Primary School Campus, a one-of-a-kind gurukul like school where the students are given knowledge, training in all basic life skills and values that are important in making them good citizens.

If you have six hours to spare, you will also be able to visit:

  • The green campus at Vankuva to see the Vivekanand Higher Secondary School, Eklavya Model Residential School and the ~200 acres of organic farms, orchards and cowshed: A walk through these orchards and farms with the fragrance of wet soil, blossoms and fruits take you away from all your earthly worries and concerns. All you can feel is gratification for a beautiful life. The schools here also are an extension to the primary school where children are moulded into citizens who can bring pride to their society.

But if you want to experience the depth and breadth of the work, you should plan an overnight stay at MSA’s 4-star like facilities at Govardhan Ashram. We will also be able to arrange a tour to Maganpura - the upcoming residential campuses of the Vocational Training Centre and Eklavya Model Residential School.

To have an enriching experience during your visit to Muni Seva Ashram or to stay overnight or for a few days/weeks/months, please do let us know a few days in advance. Please write us at

To visit Muni Seva Ashram, you can

  • Land at the Baroda Airport and take a taxi to Muni Seva Ashram (taxi costs about Rs. 1200)
  • Land at Ahmedabad/Mumbai Airport, take a train to Baroda and then take a taxi to Muni Seva Ashram
  • Land at Ahmedabad Airport, take a Volvo bus to Baroda and then take a taxi to Muni Seva Ashram

There are three buses running to and fro Muni Seva Ashram and its Baroda office which can also be used to reach the ashram.

Muni Seva Ashram Baroda Office:
12, Bluechip Complex, opposite Parsi Agyari, near Kala Ghoda Circle, Sayajigunj, Baroda - 390005

  • Baroda to MSA: 8:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m.; 6:30 p.m.
  • MSA to Baroda: 7:30 a.m.; 12:00 noon; 5:30 p.m.