The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Be more thoughtful this time

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Gift Giving is part of the celebration no matter where you're from and no matter what the occasion. The gesture of giving is a long-standing symbol of love, care and selflessness. Show the ones you are celebrating how much you care by giving the priceless gift of donating to Muni Seva Ashram. The appreciation and gratitude you will receive in return will be soul satisfying.

Gift ideas that inspire

Request your guests to donate to Muni Seva in lieu of bringing gift to your occasion
Return favor to your guests as a thank you by donating to Muni Seva on their behalf

Finding the right Gift

Sr. No. Detail INR USD CAD
1 Donate 5 Books to the School Library 2500 40 50
2 Donate 5 Books to Nursing Collage 5000 75 100
3 One Day Milk to Kinder Garden Students 5000 50 100
4 Snacks to Kinder Garden Students 9000 120 150
5 Lunch to Kinder Graden Students 12000 200 250
6 Glass of Milk to 250 Primary School Students 3000 40 50
7 Meal to 250 Primary School Students 12500 200 250
8 Snacks to 250 Primary School Students 6000 80 100
9 Meal to Secondary School Students 7500 100 150
10 Meal to Higher Secondary School Students 15000 200 300
11 Meal to 150 Bhagini Mandir Girls 9000 120 200
12 Meal For VTC Student 25000 350 450
13 Donate books to VTC Student 1500 20 50
14 Meal in 3 Old Age home 12000 150 250
15 Donate Gir Cow 65000 900 1200
  • A non-profit organization MUNI SEVA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION USA (MSCF) has been formed and is approved by IRS under 501(c) 3.
  • Donations are generally tax-deductible under US tax laws.
  • The foundation operates 100% on the services of its volunteer staff making all funds donated fully utilized by the main Ashram in Goraj, India.
  • Tax receipt is not necessary for donations below $250. If the amount is more than $250 will receive a tax receipt within 2-3 weeks, in case you have made a donation by check.
  • We'll assist you to design the card with this charity message. Below are few sample cards.

Donation Detail:

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