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Atithi Mandir

Atithi Mandir is a guesthouse where family of patients undergoing treatment or visitors can stay for a brief period. People from various parts of India come to get treated at MSA, as the services provided are cheap and cutting edge technology is used for treatment. Those undergoing treatment tend to call their families to the Ashram. Initially, there were no accommodation facilities for visitors at the Ashram.

Anuben felt the need of constructing a guesthouse, where people from outside can stay for a brief period. The dormitories in Atithi Mandir have a bed, a locker, a bathroom and a pantry for cooking. Those who don’t know how to cook can rely on the food provided by the Atithi Mandir. It also has a dining room where people can have their meals.


The fee structure of the accommodation is such that people from any section of the society can afford to stay in Atithi Mandir.

AC rooms (with AC, TV, Telephone, double bed, private bath)

Single Rs. 700 (2 persons), Rs. 800 (3 persons)
Deluxe (Double room) Rs. 1000 (4 persons), Rs. 1100 (5 persons), Rs. 1200 (6 persons)

Standard Rooms (telephone, double bed, private bath)

Single (Mon-Fri) Rs. 350 (2 persons), Rs. 400 (3 persons)
Standard (Sat-Sun) Rs. 175 (2 persons), Rs.225 (3 persons)

Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe (Double Room) (Mon-Fri) Rs. 600 (4 persons), 650 (5 persons), 700 (6 persons)
Deluxe (Double Room) (Sat-Sun) Rs. 300 (4 persons), 350 (5 persons), 400 (6 persons)

Dormitory Rooms (single bed, storage area, common bathroom)

Single bed Rs. 25

Eyes on the future:

Guests will be able to avail an in-house laundry service which will be added soon. Currently only 35% of the total required funds are received to make the Atithi Mandir functional.