Social Welfare

Volunteer Camps

Volunteering is a great way to test one's tolerance towards the sufferings of the world while learning about alleviating them. We organize several volunteer camps where young and socially aware individuals get the opportunity to give something back to the community.

Goal of the camps is

  • To bring youths from across the world together to provide a sense of global community, camaraderie, responsibility and spirit of volunteerism.
  • To create appreciation of how cutting edge technologies and renewable energy can be harnessed to meet needs of the society.
  • To learn India's culture in an Ashram setting that our fore-fathers envisioned.
  • To see physicians in action - from outpatient consultation to witnessing surgeries.
  • To explore different professional career paths.

The program would cover Ashram's multi-faceted work in health, education, social aspects, alternative energy and more. Some of the activities that the students could participate in are:

  • Learn how physicians distinguish a carcinogenic tumor from a benign one. Visit the state-of-the-art equipment at Kailash Cancer Hospital.
  • Shadow the physicians and pathologists and see how they see the patients, diagnose and treat the disease.
  • First hand experience with health and development services in rural tribal area of Gujarat.

Recommended Age Group for Camp: (17-25 years)

School and college age students should volunteer as part of an organized student camp only. The ashram expands substantial effort so that every camp student has rich experience. Ashram does not have resources to give the same level of support and attention to students going individually. Minimum age for first time visitors to the Ashram is 16 year.

If the camp dates do not suit your schedule, you are encouraged to participate at least part of an organized camp. Otherwise, you are certainly welcome to visit the ashram for a day. Ashram staff would be able to give you a tour.

Camp students stay with assigned team members during their entire stay. Visiting family members are requested not to interpose during the camp.

Camp Fee

  • Total camp fees for a 2-week camp are US$750 including non-refundable application fee of US$50. The fees cover the cost of lodging, boarding, local transportation and all camp activities. All documents and fee are due two months prior to the camp start date. There will be $100 late fee after this deadline.
  • Camp registration will be confirmed only after all documents have been received and camp fee is paid in full. We recommend you not to make any travel arrangements prior to confirmation. Please ensure to have valid visa available for your travel to avoid any last minute rush.
  • We strongly advise that students should attend the full camp duration. In case a student arrives late or leaves early, there is no partial refund.
  • Camp fee excluding the US$50 application fee is fully refundable if cancellation request is received thru email six weeks prior to camp start date. 50% refund if during 4-6 week window. Otherwise, no refund will be applicable for any cancellation.
  • Special note for students from INDIA: Make cheques payable to "Muni Seva Ashram" for INR 50,000 and mail to:
    Dr. Vikram Patel,
    Muni Seva Ashram, Goraj,
    Vaghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat 391760,
  • Financial assistance is available on case-by-case basis.
  • Please download and complete MSA Consent form, scan and email to Vipul Patel, at
  • Camp fees can be paid by credit card over PAYPAL.
  • For further information on Student Camps or any special requests, please contact the Camp Organizer, Vipul Patel, at
  • Please do not directly contact Muni Seva Ashram to avoid unnecessary delays.