Rural Welfare

Since our inception, we have been serving over 150 villages around the Ashram by providing all the basic amenities to them. In an initiative to put village folks on the path of hygiene, we recently undertaken to build 1000 eco-friendly toilets at the behest of the all the village sarpanches. 10% villages have already installed such toilets which has in turn led to a decline in illnesses arising from lack of sanitation facilities.

Vermicomposting toilets were considered to be the best alternatives owing to the fact that they do not require any soak chambers. This technology was suggested by Shri Shashi Shah, Gopal Shah, and HD Pathak of Engineering Seva Trust of Vadodara. The design of these toilets were suggested by Shri Dhiren Bajpai and Mv Shaikh of Svades, a Vadodara based NGO which has successfully built 4500 toilets so far.

The biggest advantage of the toilets is that the waste is turned into fertilizer giving people of the village advantage in terms of getting organic fertilizer for their plantations. The toilets do not have soak chambers making them sanitary as well as eco-friendly due to absence of contaminated water. We are already in the process of procuring 300 KG of earthworms for the toilets. We strongly believe that even of 10% people in India, they would be able to convert 27 lakh tons of human waste into 5.4 lakh tons of organic fertilizers.